Music production.

• Audiokut Post not only provides technical post solutions, but in addition, can provide music score composition, original music cues, sound-a-like masters and knock off music productions whenever necessary.

• Our studio is equipped with a full range of keyboards, out board midi gear, VST and Native software synths, Mach5 sample library, DAW recording systems, guitars and bass's, mandolin and "V" drums. Microphone selections include Nueman U87, Rode NT2, AKG 414, Royer, Sennheizer, Sure, and avalon pre amp.

• Our acoustically treated and spacious vocal room has a large viewing window which promotes excellent communication between talent and producer.

Sound Design

• Custom creation of unique sound fx's via synthisizer, sample merging, or hybrid technique fx design.

• Synthesizer modeling, sampler technology and a large library of over 60,000 sound effects are used which to manipulate and twist audio into new creations.

• Field recording and manipulation of organic sounds with hybrid processing.

5.1 Surround mixing/LtRt Dolby/ M&E Stems.

• 5.1 Mixing

• LtRt, LCR Mixing

• Dolby AC3 encode for DVD/BluRay

• Stereo fold down

• M&E breakout

• Pre-mix Stems (for OMF file export to large stage re-mix facility)

• Digital Mastering

We are equipped with all the latest technology, acoustically treated studio, comfortable listening room and easy to work with pro engineering talent. Our low overhead allows us to pass massive savings on to you for better creative use. So weather your project is going direct to DVD, T.V. or theatrical release, our experience and commitment to cutting edge audio post production will make your project stand out.


• Over 30,000 digital and live sound effects from librarys such as Sony, BBC, and Paramount. 

• Motion foley variables, triggered with sample keyboard techniques or SMPTE placement. 

• Foley artists and looping companies available upon request (extra fee's apply). 

• Custom sample library of unique foley effects. 

Dialogue editing.

• Editing software (Pro Tools, Nuendo, Waves Diamond suite).

• Spoting sessions for dialogue clean up and ADR . 

• Removal of unwanted noise and production sound problems .

• Matching of audio tone between production dialogue and ADR replacement dialogue. 

• Dialogue prep for mix. 

Audio Post Services

DVD/ Bluray Authoring

• Layback to DVD/ Blu Ray for client reference. 

• Archive & Storage of master files. 

• Blue Ray Menu design, Subtitles, Multi-Language Audio navigation and BR-25/50 formatting for commercial duplication. 


• Local & Remote ADR sessions via "source connect" system.

• Edit production dialog and create replacement cue sheet.• Record replacement dialog in a comfortable, accoustically treated sound booth with various mic setups designed to capture original production room ambient tone. • Large vocal recording room capable of hosting a 5-10 person Looping group.

• Engineers with many years experience dealing with difficult talent issues such as; ego trips, meltdowns, hissy fits and sore throats. Not a missed deadline yet !

• Personalized attention from the owner of AUDIOKUT will assure maticulous attention to project deadline details and client happiness.

Music Editing.

• All editing is done via Nuendo /Protools digital editing software, by an engineer/musician with the specific skill of blending or aligning mismatched music with technical expertise and a musical perspective.

• In house spotting sessions and technical file transfer support is available to outside composers. A necessary function for streamlining the creative process for non-technical composers.

• Commercials usually require content to adhere to strict time limits (30sec spot, etc) . In these productions, the audio must be time stretched or compressed based on specific client requirements. We offer a no loss of quality result by using the latest software algorithms available.


• Assembly of HD video with sync'd audio masters. 

• Seaming of film reels for final print master 

• Layback to HD cam